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Victoria Canter is an experienced family law attorney and mediator who has devoted her career to making conflict resolution services accessible to the public. Even as a child, Victoria was passionate about conflict resolution, and she served as a peer mediator from middle school through law school. While in law school Victoria won several public service awards and sought out opportunities to learn and practice mediation skills. She completed a 40 hour mediation training during her first year of law school and began volunteering as a mediator with a local non-profit organization. After law school, Victoria interned at the Santa Cruz County Courthouse's Self Help Center which provides free legal services to the public. She went on to manage an alternative dispute resolution program through a local non profit before working for several years as a staff attorney for the Santa Clara County Court's Self Help Center. At the Santa Clara County Court's Self Help Center, Victoria divided her time between assisting litigants access the court system and mediating family law disputes between self represented litigants. Victoria is committed to helping families in the Santa Cruz area reach peaceful resolutions through mediation and collaborative law, and by providing resolution focused consultations.



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Mediation helps parties approach conflict or change in their relationship in a respectful way for the benefit of both parties and their children. Parties who reach their own agreements through mediation are often much happier with the resolution of their issues than those who have judges make the decisions for them. Victoria has completed hundreds of hours of mediation training and brings expert knowledge of family law to the mediation table. She uses these tools to help clients reach their own fair compromises without involving the court system. 


Santa Cruz Self-Help Center  http://www.santacruzcourt.org/self-help

Judicial Council Forms  http://www.courts.ca.gov/forms.htm

Santa Cruz Court  https://www.santacruzcourt.org/

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